The Waikato Baptist Association has 20 faith communities, from Whitianga and Huntly down to Taumarunui, including the 6 churches in the city of Hamilton.

The network of six Baptist Associations throughout New Zealand connects local churches with other local churches in their region.
Associations utilise the experience and expertise of both pastoral and other leaders to inspire, resource and encourage in order to help each local church bring gospel renewal to people and places in their own local contexts.

Waikato news, stories and media

A holiday gem for Baptists Image
March 21, 2023 | Martyn Barrett and Raewyn Moodie

A holiday gem for Baptists

Here's in on a gold getaway location for your church and leaders

Getting to know…Chris Lee Image
February 3, 2023 | Chris Lee

Getting to know…Chris Lee

This week we are getting to know Chris Lee, Pastor of Thames Baptist Church and Chair of the Waikato Baptist Association.

Suicide: The grief of those left behind Image
October 31, 2022 | Karyn and Ross Woodhouse

Suicide: The grief of those left behind

The phone rings; it is a mum who shares with us that her 17-year-old son has recently taken his life. She is shattered. The family…

Is Big Good? A MEGA question Image
June 19, 2022 | Mark Day

Is Big Good? A MEGA question

Mark Day, a Baptist pastor in Hamilton, reckons with our devotion to ‘bigger is better’, and hopes for revival: “the making of a disparate people…

A prayer shop Image
February 4, 2018 | Alan George

A prayer shop

For one week in November 2017, Paeroa had a prayer shop. All the local churches took part, with Paeroa Baptist Church leading it. It was…

Our Regional Associations

Baptists have used the word ‘association’ for a long time, because local churches want to associate with each other: we are better together!

Each Regional Association has a board or executive elected by the collective of associating churches in each region. Each Association has a Regional Leader who is responsible for supporting and resourcing local churches. The Board or Executive and the Regional Leader work together to facilitate the encouragement and resourcing of churches. The Regional Leader meets regularly with the National Leader and other Regional Leaders.

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